JRA – Closure (Original)

  • 2022.11.13
  • JRA
JRA – Closure (Original)

JRA – Closure (Original)

I noticed I haven’t done a live video of this song, so I decided to whip this up for YOU. Better late than never, right? haha 🙂

This isn’t the happiest of songs, but nonetheless, it’s real.

Relationships end… Some of them with no explanation. This is what this song is about. It comes from the point of view of someone that was just left behind without the slightest clue.

With that being said, I hope you enjoy and this song strikes something in your heart & mind.

With Love,

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Verse 1
Where did you go?
Where have you been?
I need to know, you were my friend
Did I do something wrong to hurt you?
Left in the dark, now I am blind

Suffering from burnout and brokenness
I’ll go back and retrace my footsteps
I’ll do anything to hear your voice and see your face again

I wish we could talk now, now that it’s over
I see that you’ve moved on, but I need some closure
It’s weighing heavy on my chest, it’s all that I have left
I know that it’s over, but I need some closure

Verse 2
It’s been a year, and not one call from you
I heard you’ve moved on, but what should I do?
See all my friends tell me to let go,
But I can’t get you out of mind

Pre-Chorus 2
Pacing back and forth, just wondering
Why this chapter in my life had a sudden end
But now it’s too late to hear your voice and see your face again


I’ve tried and I’ve tried to understand why
Why did she leave like that?
Me not knowing, it makes me feel less of a man, noo
Time and time again, I fought with myself,
Thinking that she could be with somebody else
The truth is, that she’s gone

Chorus X2

Thanks to Ryan Higa for helping me shoot this!

Shoutout to Ron Thomas & A-Hawk on the co-write & production!

Shoutout to my On G.P. family!